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Digital 2D Collection

A collection of my Digital works that I have condensed down into one project to keep my portfolio tidy. Most of this work is personal or aligned with a contest. Concepts usually begin with sketch paper or Alchemy. Enjoy.

Kyle havrilesko dish

My pride and joy. The first characters that I officially concepted, Remastered with my own style development. It is nice to look back at what first inspired us and live that dream in a new perspective. Sketch paper to Photoshop.

Kyle havrilesko cantedbattlegroundweb

My submission for the Victory contest hosted by Atomhawk. I did this in the genre of my Origins of Malu Battlegrounds project. Initially started in Alchemy and finished in Photoshop, however you can still see some remnants of alchemy in the final.

Kyle havrilesko pasturesofgrace herboverlay

A Collaboration I did with a friend. Started in Alchemy and finished in Photoshop. Finish up done by Herb Zischkau-

Kyle havrilesko covenent2

"Covenant Stalker". An exercise in value led me down making these wonderful and intimidating abstract interpretations with the program, Alchemy. Excellent free program for quick concept shapes.

Kyle havrilesko arvilump 2

"Arvilump". A lovable animal fusion exercise I did on sketch paper and transferred to photoshop.

Kyle havrilesko banner1

More Alchemy utilized for quick landscaping.

Kyle havrilesko body2

Concept exercise I did for experimenting with concept principles such as juxtapose, rule of third proportions, and movement. Sketch paper to photoshop.

Kyle havrilesko covenent3

"Face of the Covenant". More Alchemy with Mirror.

Kyle havrilesko choobie bykylematthewhavrilesko

Creature concepts done for a contest hosted by Outernauts. Fun concepts and game. Sketch paper designs to Photoshop. Background from Outernauts game.

Kyle havrilesko covenent2

More Alchemy combined with figure drawing. "Covenant-Samurai".

Kyle havrilesko psychhoardyeti

"Psych-Hoard". A Tee design I created with a collection of some of my favorite psychos from pop culture. Collect them all!