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Vintage B/D Power Drill (Project Breakdown)

A production breakdown of a two-handed vintage Black and Decker power drill circa 1930 game prop. Possible customization into a weapon for future assets.
Current Stage: Primary Drill complete and Weapon Customization beginning. Considering it as a separate project however.

This is a high quality game asset modeled with built up wearing and leakage for a dystopic environment and possible first person player application.

Kyle havrilesko portfoliobackgroundshop


Kyle havrilesko drillref02

This began with a reference collection of the asset and desired story details (Mod Dystopic Gauss). The block out was made up to a medium resolution asset before modeling to a high resolution version seen below for baking Normals and Ambient Occlusions.

Kyle havrilesko milestone1

Half way through modeling, I realized I needed much more reference and that this asset is very asymmetrical. I developed new techniques for effective booleans, modeling in pieces, markings of manufacture, and floating normal decals application.

Kyle havrilesko milestone2

This is the game resolution model with Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps applied. I realized just how sensitive my geometry could be if not triangulated or named when baking. I still had to paint out errors in Photoshop and I learned some new tools.

Kyle havrilesko portfoliobackgroundshop2

The final step was utilizing the baked maps in Substance Painter to create procedural details along edges and cavities. I had think outside of the box to apply certain details and I crafted stencils from reference images in Photoshop to apply panel fonts.